Do you have the Sixth Sense?

One unique aspect of being human is the way we use our “imagination”. Imagination is the ability to form mental images not perceived through the five senses. Imagination helps build worlds of wonder. How many of us believe in the worlds of “Stars Wars”, “Harry Potter” and the “Lord of the Rings”? Judging by their popularity the answer is many!

Children naturally use imagination to create their own fictional worlds. And it is through these worlds that children eventually gain a better understanding of the “real” world they are growing up in. Imagination helps us make sense of our world. It also plays a key role in the learning process.

So where do these “imagined” ideas come from? Where did Luke Skywalker, Severus Snape and Frodo Baggins spring from?  I think I know for I am currently writing my own fictional book called “Age of Angels”. It is about a teenage boy who accidentally enters the angelic realm while playing a computer game. And this is not my first book about angels. I have written a film script called “Angel of New York” and published a book of therapy called “Listening to your angels” which is available in eBook format on  many platforms and is selling extremely well. ( So where does this personal fascination with angels came from? Do angels actually speak to me?

If they do I am not alone! Every culture and religion has its own version of angels. The Romans called it “genius” and described it as a “guiding spirit” sent to us at birth to protect us through this life and guide us onto the next. And this concept is very similar to the “guardian angel” of the Christian world. The word “Angel” means “God’s messenger” and I have a feeling that we all receive messages from the beyond. Messages that come in the form of a whispered intuitions or dream.

Do you think angels are the source of the books I am writing? I will let you be the judge of that and in the process you may begin to hear the whispered words from your invisible messenger and experience your own wondrous dreams.

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