Are Angels the new Vampires?

Vampires have been literally done to death, so much in fact that many of us wish they would
stay dead. For in the past few years it seemed that every Young Adult book, TV show and
movie had vampires with their pale skin, tortured souls and lugubrious eyes staring out at
us. Stephanie Myers may have made a fortune out of vampires but everything peaks and
then falls. Now it seems that time has impaled the Vampire franchise in the heart. There is a
notable shift across the globe with readers’ turning their fascination from the living dead to
the spiritually alive.

Yes – we are talking about angels!

Take a look at any book chart and you will see readers flocking towards angel-inspired
literature. Consider Lauren Kate. She has been successfully selling her Fallen series for over
four years now. Her latest book, Rapture (book five of the Fallen series) climbed the iTunes
Children and Teen charts within a week of its release; while she has simultaneously held the
No1 and No2 spots on the New York Times best-seller list!

The appeal of angels is not new, but this new surge in popularity could be the result of our
need for the reassurance in ever-changing times. And the role of the “Guardian Angel” has
never been more appropriate or perhaps more timely.

It is this manifestation of a higher being that has a cross-over appeal to vampire fans around
the world as they look for something new – something with a sense of power and mystery.

All this is great news for the book I have just finished writing, Age of Angels: The Billion $

In the book Lucifer and his disciples create a computer game called Fallen Angel, with which
they hope to enter, enslave and then destroy the world. The book grew out of a fascination
I had with the following question: if the devil was around today what tool would he use to
tempt us and then enslave us?

The answer was a computer game so addictive, so accessible and so real that the whole world
was soon playing it.

Is the reign of the vampire nearly over? I think so. And as they disappear with a howl I hear
the rustle of feathers.

The angels are getting ready in the wings to step in . . .

For daily updates and news on my Age of Angels project and angel related posts you can
follow me on twitter: @ageofangels

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3 Responses to Are Angels the new Vampires?

  1. Ha ha I know what you mean! Thanks for your post!

  2. Great post Kevin!
    I have read a couple of blogs today hearlding the demise of our sharp-toothed breathern…but I’m afraid I’m firmly in the vampire camp…when the forces of light and darkness come out to play in the mortal realm, the dark are always the most interesting, and the most attuned to the many failings of the human condition.
    At least Lucifer, as the falling-ist of angels, is closer to us and the exploitation of our human frailty – with Vampires our souls redeem us, where they have strength and longlevity they are devoid of the purity of love, with angels – the risen and the fallen – they are always our masters. We do not fight for them or against them, we are slaves to their power. Vampires, Zombies, and the Were are born from mortal men – they share a rib with Adam and with Eve – they are the corruption of us, and though they are more powerful physically and psychically we always have the beating of them!

    If you are now convinced that you want to keep the spark of light in the Vampire’s eyes, pop on over to and check out a new serial story, in its most fledgling form!

    I’ll be keeping my eye on @ageofangels too for the flutter of wings

  3. I think it’s a great opening, entertaining and interesting! This will do well! All the best with it!

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