Bronagh’s Angel story

Bronagh’s Angelic Butterfly

Bronagh, one of my followers on twitter, sent this short account in to me of an angelic encounter. As you can see, you do not need to meet an angel in celestial or even human form, to believe you have had an angelic encounter!

Bronagh will receive a copy of my eBook: Listening to your angels

Bronagh’s Angel story

Many of these angelic encounters involve my grandmother’s sister, Violet. I called her Aunty Violet. She passed away from cancer when I was nine but she never really left us.
When she died a beautiful amber and black butterfly known as a Tortoiseshell was found next to her bedside. It was again seen floating above her coffin at the funeral and all through the ceremony. It has appeared many times when our whole extended family has gone to her church and also when there has been a family wedding. This includes my mother’s, and all Aunty Violet’s children. I don’t know if that is what people consider angelic but I certainly do!

If you have your own stories please email them to me at: and I will publish them on this blog. All those who are published will receive a complimentary copy of my book: Listening to your Angels.


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Kevin is a journalist and writer. He edits The Sunday Independent Travel magazine and is writing a book about his time working with the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
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