The Devil wears Prada!

Prada on the cat walk

Dublin is designer  paradise, full of shops selling all the very latest and best in designer clothes and accessories. Dublin is also populated with a number of churches; and those churches are full of angels; well, their statues anyway.

My own favourite statue is in St Teresa’s, just off Dublin’s busiest shopping street. There, right next to shops selling Prada coats, Rolex watches, Gucci handbags and Hermes scarves, is a statue of St Michael, his sword thrust at the throat of the Dragon.

The Archangel Michael in St Anne’s Church, Dublin

Underneath the statue is the following prayer.

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil . . .

I sometimes pop into St Teresa’s and often end up passing this statue; and as I read the prayer the following questions always pops into my mind. Do I, or anyone else for that matter, really believe in the devil anymore?

I personally am not sure. I was brought up Catholic and was terrified by The Exorcist when it came out. It seemed to be about some horrible, but very real, truth. Yet it is difficult to believe in the forces of darkness when out window shopping on a busy Saturday afternoon. And isn’t it true that designer names are the new religion. The Devil does indeed wear Prada!

I guess that’s why I wrote my latest book Age of Angels. It is my effort to answer that age old question: is there ultimate good and evil?

Age of Angels is about good and evil, in the guise of a computer game that everyone is playing. The game is addictive, and there is a massive cash prize on offer for the winner. In the end we find out that the real force behind the game is the devil himself, using modern technology to destroy mankind. well, he would – wouldn’t he?

Sounds ridiculous?

Is it anymore weird than a church right in the middle of an expensive, modern shopping precinct, showing the Archangel battling the devil?

In the next day or so I will post the audio file where I will read the opening of Age of Angels and describe the great battle in heaven where Michael defeated Lucifer.

In the meantime, fill in our poll and leave a comment! So far, everyone who has voted believes in angels. There must be some out there who have doubts?


About Kevin Flanagan

Kevin is a journalist and writer. He edits The Sunday Independent Travel magazine and is writing a book about his time working with the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
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2 Responses to The Devil wears Prada!

  1. Thanks Frank for that. Things going well and I hope its the same for you! Thanks for the comment and mail earlier.

  2. dubmantalks says:

    Well done on the books and the site Kevin. Yep, there is a lot about our existence which we do not really understand. Until we do, perhaps its best to keep an open mind and say yes, perhaps Angels may well exist. Your books: Listening to Your Angel and Angel of New York were jolly good reads. Page turners both. Thanks.

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