Who is the Badest of the Badass Baddies!?

Badass Baddies!

Every book, game or film needs a baddie and the bigger and badder the better. In my book Age of Angels, the baddie is Lucifer, the Fallen Angel himself; and it doesn’t get much bigger or badder than that!

Below I list my top 5 villains from the movies. Do you agree? And if not – what are your top baddies of all time?

 #5 The Emperor in Star Wars

He’s mean and lean and going to wipe out a universe near you! But by the end of Star Wars he looks like he is decaying from the insides out. Certainly he could do with a visit to a good dental hygienist!

#4 Commodus in Gladiator

What’s all this with villains and their Da’s? Luke saves his. Commodus murders his in a scene that is still disturbing on the tenth viewing! My fav bit is when has his sister’s son bouncing gaily his knee as he whispers: what did the little, little bee whisper . . . That is only topped by the scene when he tries to plant a big, wet, psycho kiss on big sis’s lips! Get me a bucket now!

#3 The Predator

Grrechhhiii! I just love that sound this big boy makes as he sneaks up on the unsuspecting badass Marines, dripping gunk that glows onto the leaves shivvveerr!

And there is that horrible laugh at the end; delivered through that great, ugly snout as he prepares to blow himself and everyone else to kingdom come. Just the sort of chap to let loose on the noisy neighbours.

#2 The alien from Alien

“In space no one can hear you scream” but that is exactly what I did when I first saw this movie. I was over in London and I went blithely to the Odeon in Leicester Square for the afternoon performance not having a breeze what I was letting myself in for. It was sunny outside but very chilly inside, as the opening cords of Jerry Goldsmith’s ominous score rang out. By the end I was sweating in my seat and literally praying for the movie to end.It does, Ripley’s in the pod taking off her clothes – things are looking interesting – then that bloody music starts again and I remember thinking surely not . . . but yes he’s back and I prepare to scream again!

A classic masterpiece with the nastiest baddie in the universe – beaten only by a baddie that does not even exist in our world – the baddest villain of them all . . .   

#1 The demon in The Exorcist

The first time I saw The Exorcist I felt I had had a religious epiphany. There’s a devil – so there must be a god, (the film is THAT convincing). I was truly horrified, shaken to the core. I persuaded my best friend Paul to come to another showing. This was in the bad part of Wimbledon filled with skin head yobs and their idiot Girl Friend’s who cackled their way through the opening half hour – not that anyone was going to tell them to shut up. Then something strange happened. The movie froze them into silence! And that, for me, was the real testimony to the power of this movie

Now I realise where the inspiration for my book Age of Angels came from! 40 years ago I watched the demon in The Exorcist and over the next 40 years I have been processing my thought about the Devil and the problem of evil. But if the Lucifer did exist in this era of Xbox and iPhones how would he exact revenge on mankind?

That is how the Age of Angels came into existence and here is my pitch:

And so the original baddie, the Fallen Angel Lucifer, came to be the villain in my book. Is Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, the baddest of them all? Make up your own mind. In meantime, send me in your own list of all time baddies from book, comic, game and film.

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