Twilight star Robert Pattinson Has Kristen Stewart On 24 Hour Surveillance. Is this life imitating art?

Will true love survive?

We have all followed Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s seemingly never ending off screen affair. It has dominated tabloid headlines around the world.  But is this LIFE imitating ART?

In the final installment of Twilight – Breaking Dwn, Bella spends the whole movie mopping after Edward dumps her. She blames her Da, the Cullens, she even blames poor Jacob Black, (and which red-bloodied girl wouldn’t choose him over the simpering Ed Cullen?!)

What is really weird about all this is that Kristen Stewart apparently went into the same black mood when Robert Pattinson dumped her this summer for her affair with married director Rupert Sanders was exposed. Eventually she got hiom back but at a cost!

“Kristen went along with it, but she truly hates it,” a ‘friend’ told one mag.

Meanwhile, “Rob has Kristen on 24-hour surveillance these days; if she steps out of line, he knows about it,” says the source, ‘he’s even demanded access to her phone and her email,’

According to one ‘pal’: “Kristen begged and whined to get Rob back. She promised him everything, and they feel she manipulated him, promising things that she just won’t deliver.

So, is real life imitating art and will the Robsten romance continue? You decide!


About Kevin Flanagan

Kevin is a journalist and writer. He edits The Sunday Independent Travel magazine and is writing a book about his time working with the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
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