Virtual game worlds have arrived in Dublin!

Kev & Ben get ready to rumble!

Kev & Ben get ready to rumble!

This year I completed a book called Age of Angels: Book 1 – The Fallen Angel. The book’s premise was: what would happen if the whole was addicted to a computer game created by the Devil himself! In the book, set some 20 years in the future,  gamers wear a fully immersive headsets.

Imagine my surprise when I turned up at Trinity College Science Museum today to find similar headsets created by Nathan Burba and his team from the University of Southern California.

They are in Dublin to present their Project Holodeck. A fully immersive game console that gives 360 degree fully embodied virtual reality to gamers and technologists alike! (

I am sharing copies of Age of Angels book with the team – maybe we will come up with the Age of Angels VirtualGame!!!  You see Art does imitate life!

Kevin & Ben fight it out in virtual space!


About Kevin Flanagan

Kevin is a journalist and writer. He edits The Sunday Independent Travel magazine and is writing a book about his time working with the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
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