The making of a Bestseller – Kevin’s journey

Kevin Flanagan pic

Today I begin my quest!
I am going to try and turn one of the 4 books I have written into a Bestseller – not only as a book but as a movie/TV series as well.
And as one of the books Age of Angels is about a computer game; my goal is to turn that into a computer game as well!

book into film into game

book into film into game

Here is the artwork of the first book Age of Angels available as an eBook on Amazon (see right).
The model who posed for the cover is an old friend and a talented actor and upcoming writer: Dylan Townsend.
I had lunch with Dylan today and asked him what he needed to do to become a success. What in fact was needed to become a success in any artistic endeavour: be it as a writer, actor, musician or film maker.
Dylan made a very good point.


Doubt kills creativity. Doubt comes in many forms. It could be an internal voice or an external critic such as a spouse or sibling, family or friend.

So my #1 LESSON starting my quest today is:

The fact that I am putting it out here on my blog helps. I have made my ambition known to the universe – now we will see.

You, as a reader, can follow me every step of the way.
Perhaps your energy will help.
Perhaps you will pass on the word.
At the end of the year we will look back and see if I have been able to create a Bestseller.
It’s exciting. Wish me luck on my journey!
Join me on my journey!

Below Dylan speaks his mind on overcoming doubt and becoming a success.

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