About Kevin Flanagan

Kevin Flanagan has had six books published, two of which were best-sellers. His first Angel book was entitled “Listening to your Angel” and it discussed how using Focusing to channel your energy can help you be a happier person in life.

“The Angel of New York” was his first Novel in this genre and he is following it up with The “Age Of Angels” series of books. The 4 books follow Sean O’Sullivan and the battles he faces to win out over Evil in the “Billion $ Game.”

Kevins love of writing led him to he set up his content creation agency in 2004: BeCreativeMediaGroup.

BeCreative manages writers, photographers and designers in creating magazines and features for some of the worlds top publications including: The Wall Street Journal,  The Sunday Times, The Washington Post, The Sunday Independent and USA Today. This business continues to move into many new areas and is also experienced in the digital world managing social network campaigns for some of the worlds biggest brands.

Kevin has been an avid reader all his life. He was inspired by sensations such as The Harry Potter Series and The Hunger Games. He has written many successful books but only now has he focused on the amazing subject of Angels.

Kevin is an avid user of Twitter with over 17,000 followers on the Age Of Angels account and would love to hear from people interested in his work.

www.Twitter.com/AgeOfAngels Contact him at www.twitter.com/becreativekev or  www.Twitter.com/AgeOfAngels

www.facebook.com/AgeOfAngelsSeries or on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/AgeOfAngelsSeries


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