About Age of Angels

Age Of Angels

Age Of Angels is a blog where people can interact with author Kevin Flanagan and learn more about this exciting series of books.

Kevin is a best-selling author with more than 7 books currently available and is now focusing on the “Age Of Angels” series of fiction novels.

“Age Of Angels” is based on the main character Sean who is wheelchair bound. His main passion in life is playing online video games and the big game that is taking over the world is about to hold a competition for $1 Billion dollars. Sean believes he can win the game but dark and evil forces are at play. Will good win over Evil and will Seans Angels keep him alive?

His first angel related book “Listening To Your Angel” is available in Ebook HERE and read reviews of it HERE.

“The Angel of New York” was his first Novel in this genre and is available in Ebook HERE and read reviews of it HERE.

More information about the “The Age of Angels” series will be on the blog, Twitter and Facebook regularly.

Follow Kevin on Twitter www.twitter.com/AgeOfAngels

Or the Age of Angel Series here on Facebook www.facebook.com/AgeOfAngelsSeries

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