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Below are just some of the projects we have worked on…

The Angel of New York

The Angel of New York is the first Novel in this genre by Kevin Flanagan. As the clock counts down to the midnight Christmas deadline, it looks like nothing can stop the demolition going ahead. New York, as it prepares to host the 2020 Olympic Games, faces a heart-rending dilemma: to choose between saving an innocent life or going for Olympic glory. ‘Unputdownable!’ Laurence O’Bryan, author TheIstanbul Puzzle

Click here to buy now on AmazonListening To Your Angel

Kevin Flanagans “Listening To Your Angel” is a self-help book and was a best seller when traditionally published in the 1990’s. It has received critical acclaim and had over 7,000 downloads last year on Barnes & Noble. “I am most grateful to Kevin for this life changing book.” The Penny Friends

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Nick Muniers Mad Things Customers Say

Nick Munier’s: Mad Things Customers Say is a collection of jokes and stories from one of Ireland’s most famous restauranteurs and host of MasterChef Ireland. Kevin Flanagn worked alongside Nick and Stephen Gillman in the compiling of the insider jokes and stories from the restaurant business.

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One Response to Buy the Books

  1. Ann Cameron says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I would love to have ‘Listening to Your Angel’ but can’t seem to get it in paperback. Is that a possibility? I don’t have ‘Kindle eyes’ but was willing to make an exception for this and downloaded the Kindle App, but Amazon tells me I’m not registered. Oh, but the joys of technology run amok. It sounds like such a wonderful book. Another writer (author) in my writing group, (Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada) Reene Pace, spoke highly of it. We’re proud to be romance writers but we also have suspense, paranormal, thriller, historical and other writers in our group.
    If you ever come to Canada, we’d love to have you speak to our group, although $$$ aren’t overflowing the coffers. 🙂
    Ann Cameron

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