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6 Responses to Contact me

  1. Thanks so much for the kind comment Eleanor – much appreciated – sorry for delayed response. You should eb able to get paperback copies at:
    It is Print on demand and good! Let me know if you need any other help!
    Best Kev

  2. Eleanor Buscher says:

    Hi Kevin, I am a psychotherapist and Focusing trainer In New Jersey. I first hear about your book Listening to Your Angel from my friend Mary Coogan the guitarist with Cherish The Ladies. I have been recommending the book to everyone I teach. I think it’s the best book for beginners. I keep hoping The Focusing Institiute in New York will carry the book to sell at the yearly Focusing Summer School in Garrison, NY. I guess they don’t want to deal with Amazon. Is there another way to buy the book in quantities? I usually buy a few copies from Amazon to take and sell at FISS on my own. However this may be my last year to go to FISS because i’m 74 years old. Thank you, Eleanor Buscher

  3. Lori Rolie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Ironically, my mom just died after 3 weeks in the hospital with no food or water because she couldn’t swallow anymore and we chose not to put her on a feeding tube. It was excruciating to watch her pain. When she died, I too was relieved. I was the first to see her in the casket when the funeral director opened it for me at the viewing. It was just he and I in the room. As I marveled at how peaceful she looked in her navy blue suit, a single pink rose petal fell on her chest from the fresh spray of flowers on the casket. I knew immediately that it was her telling me she loved me and that she was still near. The next day at the funeral, we had a closed casket service. However, my daughter and my niece wanted to see her before her burial. After the service, the funeral director arranged to open the casket one last time just for them to see, and two pink rose petals fell on her chest as they both tearfully looked at her.
    I believe in angels and always have. Your story touched me and I wanted to share mine with you. Thank you for following me on Twitter, however I don’t tweet very often. I do look forward to reading your book. I signed up on your site with my email address, Cheers to both of our moms, Kevin. I know they are always there.

    Lori Rolie

  4. Thanks so much Ann,

    You can only purchase many Kindle books from and not but you can buy it from the .com site without any problem. Its a strange way Amazon do it but its a publishing rights issue that annoys alot of writers!

    Let me know if you can buy it on the .com and review it if you like.

    Thanks for the comment, your very good!


  5. annisik51 says:

    Thanks for ‘following’ me on Twitter.
    I tried to buy your book from Amazon but unfortunately it is only available for Kindle purchase in the US. Do let us know when it will be available in UK!

    Ann Isik
    and elsewhere!

  6. Grant Elliot says:

    Hi kevin…

    Wondering if you might be available for a television interview with BBC World News tonight about Ken Russell. Could you please call me on 02085764440 or send me an email if you are available and interested. Not sure where you are but I am able to arrange transport to and from our nearest studio

    Many thanks

    Grant Elliot
    BBC World News

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