The Quest begins with a giant ballet leap!

Fonteyn & Nureyev - My heros

Fonteyn & Nureyev – my heroes!

Kevin Flanagan describes stage 2 of his Quest . . .

This week I launched my quest to turn my books into bestsellers.
On Wednesday things started happening.
I set about looking for photos for the book I have just finished on ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. For very few people know that in my youth I was a ballet dancer.

How did that happen?

I fell in love with ballet after taking my first date to see the legendary Fonteyn and Nureyev dance at the Royal Opera House in London in 1967. The date did not work out but my love of ballet was born. After I finished at university I trained full-time to become a ballet dancer aged 22 years old; quite a brave thing to do in those days. It was a hard road. Ballet dancers usually start aged 5 or 6 so I had an uphill struggle.

I eventually succeeded and my book “Dancing with Nureyev” is the story of my journey. I still needed photos of Fonteyn & Nureyev taken in the 1960’s. Getting permission would be hard as most of the photographers would be dead – or so I thought. But I was enthused by my Quest and attacked the task.

First I googled the famous ballet photographer Keith Money, who had taken some of the most iconic photos of the two dancers. Imagine my surprise when an address in Kerry came up on his website. There was a phone number so I dialed it and the legendary photographer answered the phone himself!

The next 90 minutes passed in a flash as I talked to him about Fonteyn & Nureyev, who had both been personal friends of his. We reminisced about London in the swinging sixties and compared notes on performances we had both seen. It was pure HEAVEN!

He even guided me as to how to take select photos; so my book will feature pics from the master photographer himself. So Mission No.1 accomplished!

For those who have never seen  Fonteyn & Nureyev here is a small sample of their dancing to whet your appetite. It is old footage, taken in mid 1960’s but still captures the electrifying magnetism that set the world alight.

I will keep you posted when my book “Dancing with Nureyev” is out.


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The making of a Bestseller – Kevin’s journey

Kevin Flanagan pic

Today I begin my quest!
I am going to try and turn one of the 4 books I have written into a Bestseller – not only as a book but as a movie/TV series as well.
And as one of the books Age of Angels is about a computer game; my goal is to turn that into a computer game as well!

book into film into game

book into film into game

Here is the artwork of the first book Age of Angels available as an eBook on Amazon (see right).
The model who posed for the cover is an old friend and a talented actor and upcoming writer: Dylan Townsend.
I had lunch with Dylan today and asked him what he needed to do to become a success. What in fact was needed to become a success in any artistic endeavour: be it as a writer, actor, musician or film maker.
Dylan made a very good point.


Doubt kills creativity. Doubt comes in many forms. It could be an internal voice or an external critic such as a spouse or sibling, family or friend.

So my #1 LESSON starting my quest today is:

The fact that I am putting it out here on my blog helps. I have made my ambition known to the universe – now we will see.

You, as a reader, can follow me every step of the way.
Perhaps your energy will help.
Perhaps you will pass on the word.
At the end of the year we will look back and see if I have been able to create a Bestseller.
It’s exciting. Wish me luck on my journey!
Join me on my journey!

Below Dylan speaks his mind on overcoming doubt and becoming a success.

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Virtual game worlds have arrived in Dublin!

Kev & Ben get ready to rumble!

Kev & Ben get ready to rumble!

This year I completed a book called Age of Angels: Book 1 – The Fallen Angel. The book’s premise was: what would happen if the whole was addicted to a computer game created by the Devil himself! In the book, set some 20 years in the future,  gamers wear a fully immersive headsets.

Imagine my surprise when I turned up at Trinity College Science Museum today to find similar headsets created by Nathan Burba and his team from the University of Southern California.

They are in Dublin to present their Project Holodeck. A fully immersive game console that gives 360 degree fully embodied virtual reality to gamers and technologists alike! (

I am sharing copies of Age of Angels book with the team – maybe we will come up with the Age of Angels VirtualGame!!!  You see Art does imitate life!

Kevin & Ben fight it out in virtual space!

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The Director of Twilight tells the Christmas Story!

As we are approaching Christmas we are going to look at the original story as told by the same lady who made Twilight – Catherine Hardwicke!

Each day we will show a small clip from this critically acclaimed movie “The Nativity Story” (2006) – starting today.

“The Nativity Story” shows the story of Jesus’ birth with historical realism and verve.

Can you see any of the same stylistic devices Catherine used in the 1st vampire movie?

My own book “Age of Angels: Book 1 – The Fallen Angel” takes the same theme; going back to the Fall of Lucifer. The Fallen Angel  rebelled because God told him that salvation would come from the ranks of man in the form of Jesus, and not from the host of angels.

The Nativity created the Fallen Angel – man’s nemesis.

Clip 2 tomorrow!

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Deathbed experiences – the scientific research that shows we may not die!

Age of Angels

Dr Peter Fenwick has written a book: The Art of Dying, in which he researches the steps that happen as an individual approaches death.

  1. The dying person talks to dead relatives.
  2. Their mindset changes from dread to looking forward to going on a journey.
  3. The patient becomes “Terminally lucid”.They will sit up, greet a dead relative whom they alone see.
  4. Moment of death coincidences – cats, dogs or animals known to the dying will react at the moment of death – even if far away in another country.
  5. Mechanical coincidences: clocks stop, lights in the house turn off.

To find out more about this amazing research watch the interview with Dr Fenwick below!

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Life after life – the near-death experience of a doctor


Nuroscientist Dr Eben Alexander with his book “Proof of Heaven” on Oprah

Watch the amazing video below of Dr Eben Alexander, a brain surgeon who had an amazing “Near Death Experience”. He is one of the world’s leading neuroscientists and never believed in “Life after Death” until he . . .  well watch the short video and find out!

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Is there an After-Life for the Twilight stars?


Robert Pattison has been adventurous in his choice or roles outside of Twilight

The last red carpet has been walked. The last premiere opening of Twilight has come and gone. There is only one question now for the 3 main actors – is there life after Twilight?

For Robert Pattison the answer is surely a resounding yes.  He seems by far the most versatile actor of the three and has already notched up notable indie film roles like his portrayal of the young Salvador Dali in the indie movie  “Little Ashes”.

Pattison seems unafraid of leaving the security of the teen-throb movie role to try something new. It is interesting to note that he has chosen to work with famed Canadian director David Cronenberg (“Cosmopolis”) and will be next working with the legendary German director Werner Herzog.

Kirsten Stewart has also dipped her foot into the indie world with the movie “On the Road” based on the famous Jack Kerouac novel. Though perhaps she now regrets her appearance in “Snow  White and the Huntsman”.


Does Kristen Stewart regret playing in Snow White and the Huntsman?

That leaves Taylor Lautner, the werewolf with the fabulous abs. He has stuck to appearing in main stream movies outside of the Twilight franchise. Films like “Valentine’s Day” and Hollywood insiders think he may get stuck with the boy-next-door tag.

Ab-Fab Taylor Lautner

Ab-Fab Taylor Lautner

There is a problem being a teen star of a huge franchise. Just ask Rupert Grint. His portrayal of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter won him a lot of fans but few movie role offers  thereafter. But don’t get too concerned for their well-being. It is estimated that Rupert has in excess of 20 million in the bank; and as for stars like Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattison you can probably double that. So whereas some teen stars may not have a bright future in Hollywood, they already have secured their financial futures for life.

I have just written the script for one of my books: The Angel of New York. The star in that is a Jack Russell terrier and an alcholic priest. No room then for a teen star. But perhaps a dog to rival the fame of Jack in The Artist!

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