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Many thanks go to all the people who have bought my books over the years. You can read my Ebook reviews on Amazon HERE and please feel free to leave one yourself on the Amazon site. It would be a great help.

 “The Angel of New York” Reviews

‘The Angel of New York was Unputdownable!’
Laurence O’Bryan, author The Istanbul Puzzle

“I enjoyed this story as it romped through all the good and bad attributes of my fellow humans, and the good ones of Cheeky, a loyal dog. Particularly unusual in a thriller were the interventions of something other-worldly, which lifted this story out of the ordinary without becoming saccharine. The pages turned rapidly; this is the sort of book I would want to read even while cleaning my teeth, so as not to lose any time!”

By Madeline Stringer on  Twitter @MadelineAnnS

“Kevin Flanagan has written a brilliant adventure story with The Angel of New York. I really enjoyed its heartfelt story and interesting setting of New York in the not too distant future. Additionally, all the characters come to dramatic life as they encounter unexpected dangers in their quest to find the missing child. I will definitely be looking out for any future releases from this author.”

Steve on

Below are some of my other reviews of “Listening to your Angel” which you can get on Amazon Kindle for a limited time for only $2.99

Listening to your Angel

The Best Selling book

“I welcome Kevin Flanagan’s new book. It includes one of the best personal descriptions of the Focusing process that I have ever read. It makes clear how to get beyond the first level of feelings that most people know, and beyond the murky zone beneath those. He shows how different it is to attend to what comes in the centre of the body. The book will help many people to discover Focusing and to improve many other activities by doing them – to use the author’s own words -with ‘the sense of being talked to by something down there that is not infected by our own fears and conditioning”.

Professor Eugene Gendlin’s review of the book when it first came out in 1998 under the title “Everyday Genius”.

“Kevin Flanagan’s book is easy to read and digest. It explains in simple and straightforward ways the complex internal process that takes place when the body solves an internal, emotional problem. It has simple exercises that teach the reader the skills of empathetic listening and Focusing. In the book Kevin Flanagan proposes that this inner voice we can all experience may indeed be the voice of your angel. All great Spiritual and Religious movements have this ‘Inner Voice’ at their core. As we negotiate our inner landscapes there is a great feeling of the familiar, and the wisdom that speaks to us ‘The Voice’ is familiar.  I would urge the reader to use Kevin’s exercises as the most direct way to enhance their mental, physical and spiritual health.  It is almost 20 years since I began Focusing and it still surprises me again and again what wisdom we have already inside waiting for us.”

Phil Kelly, Focusing Coordination and Teacher.

“I read about this book from twitter and was wondering if it was just another self-help book. Surprising to me, it turned out to be the book that was the start of the shift in my life. The shift came when I read the part about going through the parts of your body. When I got to my heart, I broke down in tears and could feel the pain of the times it had been broken and the reasons for it. 

I thought I would feel the shift immediately but I did not. It was only later, as I started doing things for “me” and moving myself in a forward fashion, getting myself out and doing, that I realized the shift really did occur. I am most grateful to Kevin for this life changing book.”

Virginia, and

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2 Responses to Reviews and reccomendations

  1. Rowling has admitted to spending time in therapy before the success of the Potter series, living in poverty and recovering from
    a failed marriage. Advantage: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.
    When we constantly look outward to others, we can.

  2. Sheena says:

    Really enjoyed Kevin,s book. Focusing and real listening are going to be the real me for myself and others. You have made it easier for me to understand my I inner voice. I have listened to it for years but have I always listened. No I have not and then I get stuck until Iistrn again. I now need to honour other people and really listen to them. Thanks a mill

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